Key Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

Key Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

According to the latest reaches, Turkish Citizenship by Investment program is by far the best program in the world if you compared on what you invest and what you get.

Below, we lists some benefits;

1- Full citizenship granted following background check plus Turkish Citizenship and Passport delivered quickly within 4-6 months only,
2- You can both have a solid investment with regular income and at the same time you can obtain one of the most sought citizenships in the World,
3- Visa-Free Travel for 115 countries for normal Red Passport. For business people, 155 visa-free countries including all EU and more with the Green Passport.
4- No Minimum Residency required,
5- Ownership of one of the Top 40 Passports in the World,
6- Turkish passport has 10-year validity and is renewable for life,
7- Turkey Identity Card included,
8- Full free medical assistance for life, for all family members, included,
9- No need to declare your wealth,
10- Free finance system, no tracking,
11- Turkey allows Dual Citizenships,
12- No Military Service required for TCBI Applicants,
13- Pension Programs included,
14- Free Education and University Reimbursement Plans are provided,
15- Prospective Visa-free travel to EU, Future Access without visa to 26 Schengen Zone Countries,
16- One of the best climates in the World throughout the year,
17- Most developed Muslim country offering a democratic and safe environment for families of all religious,
18- A Eurasian country with a hospitable and welcoming manner to foreigners,
19- Fantastic natural environment Excellent food and rich cuisine Superb Health Facilities (better health services than US and EU),
20- Superb Educational Facilities,
21- High Quality of Life
Detailed video about it:

"Why you should become a Turkish Citizen?" - Easy Turkish Passport Service from Grow in EMEA

To learn more, please visit Turkey House Investment Service or Turkish Citizenship Application Form for free guidance on your application processes.

Also this WhatsApp Service gives free consultation on applications process.

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