Who is eligible to get Turkish Citizenship in my family, if I applied?
It is possible to obtain Turkish Citizenship and Passport for yourself, as well as for your family members including your wife and children below 18 years old (18 years old included) with proceeding one of the above mentioned investment options according to your choice, and once the required conditions are duly met.
How long does it take to obtain Turkish Citizenship and my new passport?
It usually takes around 4 - 6 months to obtain Turkish Citizenships and Turkish Passports for the Principal Applicant (Investor) and other family members provided that all the documentation is ready and duly compiled, if pre and post-investment works are properly done and these would be diligently followed up.
How can I find a suitable property to buy for $250.000 valuation at least?
For property investments, we have detailed portfolio including all types of house and land-line in key cities of Turkey, in which we all did legal and governmental expert valuations set. If you chose to work one of our portfolio assets, you dont need to worry about that process which is a blocker for many case.
How can I manage property rental process, if I don’t want to use it for living?
Our team is handling renting process, after your investment and you can follow all of your monthly incomes in your bank account.
What is Turkish Citizenship service fee and how is the payment structure working?
Our service fee is chancing on which method you like to us efor application. If you chose to move with Bank Cash Investment, all procedures done by banks and you send cash investment directly to the bank. We charge our service fee with a legal invoice afterwards from your side. If you like to move with Property Investment method, our service fees are lower as we got commision in our portfolio assets. In that case, you pay the property value directly to property owner via legal bank payment. We also charge our service fee with a legal invoice afterwards from your side. If you are not willing to move forward with our portfolio assets, expert valuation and other details need to be handled with your side.
What is Turkish Citizenship application money-back guarantee?
Our money-back guarantee is defined in our service contract which we will share before the application period and it covers your services fees payment if any un-succesful results happen in your application after you completed all needed documents.
How can we get more details?
Please feel free to reach us on +90-530-9617046 Whatsapp line and call, or via email with email@growinemea.com